The Game-Changing rNATURE Dewatering from Reddonatura


In the current global push towards sustainability, the management of organic waste is a crucial issue for commercial kitchens across a wide range of industries. Recognizing this, Reddonatura has developed a groundbreaking solution that not only addresses the high volume of food waste generated daily but does so in a compact and environmentally friendly manner. The rNATURE Dewatering is setting new standards in waste management technology, proving that smart innovation can lead to significant environmental and economic benefits.

The Challenge of Managing Food Waste

Every day, vast quantum of organic waste are produced by restaurants, hotels, and other food-related businesses. Traditionally, handling this waste has been both cost-intensive and space-consuming, often involving complex logistics that impact both the environment and the bottom line. Conventional methods frequently lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions and higher operational costs due to the need for frequent waste collection and disposal.

How the rNATURE Dewatering Changes Everything

The rNATURE Dewatering by Reddonatura is designed to tackle these challenges head-on. This compact, stand-alone device can fit into small spaces like storage or garbage rooms, making it ideal for locations with limited area. Here’s a closer look at how it transforms food waste management:

  • Efficiency in Operation: The device begins by grinding the food waste into fine particles, then employs a centrifugal action to dewater the waste, effectively reducing its volume by 60-70%. This process not only decreases the frequency of waste collection but also significantly cuts down on related costs.
  • Sustainable Practices: The separated 'grey water' from the dewatering process can be responsibly managed, with options to reroute it to sewage treatment facilities or repurpose it for use in garden areas. This feature not only ensures compliance with environmental standards but also promotes water conservation.
  • User-Friendly Technology: With the rNATURE Dewatering, simplicity is key. Users can load food waste into the hopper with minimal preparation. The machine requires only a connection to soft water, electricity, and occasional maintenance checks, including a hot water clean to ensure optimal performance.

Benefits of Adopting the rNATURE Dewatering

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By dramatically reducing food waste volume, the rNATURE Dewatering helps minimize the carbon footprint of businesses, contributing to lower methane emissions from landfills.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reducing food waste volume translates directly into lowered waste management costs. With less organic waste to handle, businesses can see a direct reduction in their operational expenses.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Sustainability: Utilizing this technology enables businesses to meet stringent environmental regulations more easily and enhances their reputation as leaders in sustainability.


As industries worldwide continue to seek efficient and sustainable solutions for waste management, Reddonatura’s rNATURE Dewatering stands out as a key innovation. It offers a practical, effective, and eco-friendly solution to the perennial problem of food waste. By integrating such advanced technologies, businesses can take a significant step towards sustainability, benefiting both the planet and their profit margins.