Single Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Shredder: Revolutionizing Size Reduction

The Single Shaft Shredder from Reddonatura is an advanced and heavy-duty size reduction machine designed to meet the demanding needs of modern industries. By integrating the benefits of both granulators and single shaft shredders, this unit offers unparalleled performance and versatility.

Operating at medium to variable speeds with high torque, the Single Shaft Shredder ensures minimum fines and delivers uniform product size, resulting in superior efficiency and productivity. Its robust design makes it suitable for processing various materials, including plastics, RDF, and rubber residue with small amounts of metal contamination, such as tires.

One of the standout features of our shredder is its ability to accommodate different rotor configurations, allowing it to adapt to a wide range of applications. The edged blade design ensures aggressive cutting, making it particularly effective for secondary processing of tires to liberate tire steel.


Innovative Features

Robust construction ensuring long-term durability and reliability

Single shaft design for efficient material shredding

Razor-sharp blades or knives for precise material reduction

Variable speed drives for customizable shredding capacity

Advanced safety features prioritizing operator protection

Integration of granulator and single shaft shredder benefits into one unit.

Medium to variable speed operation with high torque.

Accommodation of different rotor configurations for versatile applications

Aggressive edged blade design for efficient tire steel liberation

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency in waste processing operations
  • Versatile shredding capabilities suitable for various materials
  • Reduced material volume for simplified handling and transportation
  • Enhanced safety features providing operator peace of mind
  • Long-lasting durability ensuring reliable performance over time
  • Superior size reduction capabilities for enhanced productivity
  • Minimum fines and uniform product size ensure high-quality output
  • Versatile suitability for processing various materials, including plastics, RDF, and rubber residue with metal contamination
  • Adaptability to different application needs with customizable rotor configurations
  • Efficient secondary processing of tires for optimal resource recovery

Technical Data.

Model No RN DSS 600 RN DSS 800 RN DSS 1000 RN DSS 1200 RN DSS 1600
Power (HP) 10/15 30/15 100 150 200
Drive Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric/Hydraulic
Chamber size(mm) 600x400 800x500 1000x600 1200x800 1600x1000
Cutter Dia(mm) 150/180 220 300 300/400 400/450
Cutter Thick(mm) 8/10/12 12/16/120 16/20/30 20/30/40 30/40/50
Shaft Dia(mm) 75 80 100 120 150
Hopper Size(mm) 1000/800 1200/1000 1400/1000 1600/1000 2000/1400
Type Static Static Static Static Static/Mobile



Industries Served - Diverse Industries Empowered by Our Eco-Solutions

Discover how our innovative eco-solutions, including Organic Waste Digesters, De-Watering Systems, Solar Solutions, Shredders, and Trommel Screens, are revolutionizing waste management and sustainability across a broad spectrum of industries.

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  • Airports
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  • Railway Station

Engineered for Waste

The Reddonatura Dual Shaft shredder is meticulously engineered to meet the demands of waste management, providing reliable performance and exceptional results. With its innovative features, key benefits, and dedicated service and spares support from Ecoster, it sets a new standard for waste shredding excellence.

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